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You live in Feudal Japan, where many are weak and few are strong. The road to Greatness is not an easy one. Samurai must train in the martial arts to destroy their enemies. Clans must battle to survive. Learn the ways of the Samurai to protect your allies and slay your enemies. You control your own destiny. Do you choose to prey upon the weak or to be preyed upon?
Your story begins in Kamakura, a small seaside city whose residents are constantly terrorized by dishonorable thieves and the mighty Yakuza. Having lived your entire life in fear, you decide that death is better than the life you live. You begin training in weaponry, honing your skills, determined to seek vengeance and strike fear in those who you once feared yourself. The journey is a long one; training in the martial arts, forging powerful weapons, visiting before unseen towns, seeking great wealth in the dangerous mines and most importantly, crushing all that stand before you.
Greatness is now your destiny. Those who fear you are now determined to destroy you as you once did to those you had feared yourself. The choices you make on this journey will affect your chances for survival.
Highest Ranking Players

1. Maximillion X [43697]
2. Gandalf the White [312832]
3. Dr Buraku [1534]
4. Shinmen Musashi, Untouchable Blademaster [65804]
5. Satan King The Nightmare Blade [1504]
6. Woofie [328499]
7. The Wasp [34620]
8. Thoren,The Infinity Blade [255732]
9. 3LACKWHITE [17969]
10. J-Bar [35218]